Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another reason...

We're looking at more red machines on our farm.
Franco Fusignani, CEO of New Holland Agriculture and CNH International, commented, "Climate change is the biggest global challenge of our age, and it has particular resonance in the emerging and high potential economies that we serve. Through this sponsorship we aim to contribute to Climate Action's objective of providing a platform for an ongoing dialogue between business and governments, where international corporations such as ours can highlight solutions they are able to provide for tackling climate change." [More]

Even if you view this a cynical sales strategy, it implies CNH thinks the issue has power in the marketplace. Either way, the number of business - as apposed to political  - decisions being made to cope with climate change is growing exponentially.

This of course doesn't mean my position is right, but it is little less fringe-like in agriculture than it used to be.

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