Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Balls in the air...  

Latest count: about 5.  I'm pretty busy with Aaron gone on vacation and the drainage contractor showed up to lay the main for another 200 acre field this fall. It's really creepy mowing down perfectly good soybeans and 10' corn, but getting it done now means we'll be at the top of the list for the rest of the system when the crops come off. Although we are dry, the lawn is just now starting to brown, and the corn is only showing minimal stress.

Meanwhile, I am busy wiring my new GSS (Greenhouse Support Structure). Jan wanted a greenhouse and I talked her into a lean-to model.

 [Update: this is the catalog photo - just an example of what it will look like, after my skilled craftsmanship tangles with glass and plastic]

This is the actual GSS. Greenhouse will be located by the middle door.

My suggestion was a modest 30' x 64' woodshop for it to lean on. It was finished about 3 weeks ago, and the electrician just finished the entrance.
BTW - have you priced copper wire lately!!!

So, I'm wiring and plumbing and getting ready to actually erect the greenhouse.  Which is where we came in, I believe.

Bottom line: blogging is falling down the list. While these are "interesting times" as they say, I am pressed for computer time and having more fun with these other ventures.

Thanks for reading. I'll post as I can.


Bill Harshaw said...

Love your modesty. I've noticed a fair number of stories about thefts of copper from, but I'm sure you're safe where you are.

Anonymous said...

Hey are those rocks in your yard by the GSS off of the farm or did you have to haul them in from somewhere? Not familiar with the soils in your area

John Phipps said...


That's a catalog picture sorta like the one Jan is getting, just to show what it will look like.

Of course, I'm putting it together, so there may be slight imperfections...

Anonymous said...

OK sorry for misreading the picture. Good looking shed. Looks very functional. Good luck with the greenhouse work. Will it be heated for winter use too.