Sunday, June 30, 2013


Confused about Pakistan?...  

And Afghanistan? And India, China, Iran, etc.? Join the club. Sop I offer this imminently readable summary of the backstory and situation as it now sits. (It is also one of the slickest web-page articles I have ever read - which gives me great hope for this medium).

One jewel from the text:
The continuation of clashes between India and Pakistan in—and over—Afghanistan after the U.S. withdrawal is dangerous for all countries in the region and for the world, especially given Pakistan’s reported fondness for developing tactical nuclear weapons for use on the battlefield, such as the recently tested Hatf IX missile, with a range of under 40 miles. Pakistan is apparently also testing other small, low-yielding nuclear devices such as landmines, presumably designed to destroy large Indian tank formations moving into Pakistani territory. 
It's not in-depth, but at least I have a slightly better picture of the geography and politics of this volatile region. And more good reasons why we should be leaving ASAP.

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