Monday, July 10, 2006

First - take a deep breath...

OK, I'm going to say a name now and I want you to keep reading calmly without exploding.

The Union of Concerned Scientis

Yes, yes, I know these guys are wacko, lefty defeatists who are anti-techonology and probably wear Birkenstock sandals with socks - but surprise!

In a remarkably even-handed Q & A about biofuels they stick to what I believe is the righteous path of fact. And while most farmers don't want to hear about increasing fuel efficiency in vehicles, many are also quietly shopping for Colorado's instead of Silverado's at the same time.

Am I getting paranoid or does having these guys on our side seem a little spooky?

Update: For a real energy intiative check out this.
Here is the idea: Propose an international treaty whose signatories would agree to eliminate gasoline from their transportation systems by a date certain—say, in 30 years. Seek initial support from Europe and Japan, but open the treaty to any country that cares to join. Specify only that the treaty should allow signatories to reach the goal in any fashion they please and that it should allow for tradable credits against whatever interim targets it sets. That way, countries can act at different speeds and in different styles. Then let the negotiations begin.

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