Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It could have been even faster without the handlebar streamers and playing card in the spokes...

In the quest for the first successful effort to drive a human-powered vehicle
90 km. in one hour (56 righteous miles), the 2006 Dempsey-MacCready One Hour Record Attempts were held last weekend in cool crisp Arizona.
While athleticism is an essential component, the key to these astounding records are the highly streamlined aerodynamic shells that encase the “speedbike”.

Fabricated from lightweight composite materials these amazingly efficient vehicles are able to sustain highway speeds on a scant few hundred watts of power, a mere fraction of the energy used by the average blow dryer!

Low frontal area is enhanced by bullet like body styling with the riders in a recumbent position creating the most efficient land transportation ever seen. HPVA founder Chet Kyle said recently “ If these vehicles were burning gasoline they would be getting about 3000 miles per gallon!”

The winner - Fred Markham - set a new record of 85.4 km.

No word yet on the drug tests. The French are investigating.

[via Slashdot]

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