Thursday, July 06, 2006

Let me know what you think...

At the bottom of this post, like all posts on this blog is a link for your comments. Let me make sure you understand what will happen should you click it.

  • In order to publish your comment, you will have to sign on to - the service which runs this blog. This is a matter of choosing a username and password. Once you have done this, I recommend you have your computer remember it to speed up further posts. I don't know what Google (the parent of does with your login information - but I'm not getting spammed or scanned since I stated using blogger.
  • Your comments will appear here on John's World (in the comments section) immediately after you post. Use links to help us see where your information comes from. (This is very easy) Update - Actually you can’t use live links, so please spell out the URL, ex. Shoot.
  • Other readers may also contribute with opinions my original post or your comment.
  • If you ask a question or make a point I find interesting, I will answer you as soon as possible. I will try really hard not to be argumentative or critical - and if I fail, you can join Jan in letting me know about it. I might even admit when I am wrong. (Don't hold your breath)
  • Above all, I will not allow personal attacks, pointless ranting or profanity - the posts will be moderated.

Remember you can still use e-mail (click my name) to share your ideas, but posting your comment saves me cutting and pasting. Use a screen name if you like to provide some anonymity.

Thanks for reading John's World and I hope to see your comments soon!


Moose said...

Before John gets too lonely, and doesn't want to post anymore... somebody needed to be the first.

Good blog that is always fun to read, the new layout uses such large font though. Perhaps your target audience is nursing home residents? To get it small enough to be readable without excessive scrolling, I have to set the text size on I.E. to 'smallest', which makes other webpages hard to read.

Keep up the good work.

John Phipps said...

Thanks for the feedback. I'll switch back to the normal size, unless others comment differently.

It all depends on your browser setting, and on my monitor with my eyes it looked better.