Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Watch what you eat. Please...

Just when your TiVo has freed you from commercials, the advertising industry finds new routes into your consciousness.

Laser-etched eggs will carry ads for upcoming TV shows for CBS.
Mr. Parker said the destination of eggs was tracked so precisely that he envisioned being able to offer localized advertising, even aiming at specific ZIP codes, to promote events like local food festivals and concerts. He is setting aside a portion of the ads for charities, too, he said. The imprint is applied in the packaging plant, as the eggs are washed, graded and “candled,” or inspected for flaws, when the eggs are held by calipers and moved along a production line at 225 feet a minute. Right before an egg is packaged, laser light is applied to the shell, giving it the etching. Each imprint takes 34 milliseconds to 73 milliseconds, so the processing of eggs is not appreciably slowed down, Mr. Parker said.
Can't those guys just leave us alone? I mean everywhere you look there are ads!! All over. Like right on this very page...

Oh, wait.

Ummm, never mind.

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