Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's ALIVE - I tell you! It's ALIVE!!!...

Rising from the open grave, pulling the wooden stake from its chest, the WTO Doha round has entered true zombie status.

Dan - an earnest follower of John's World to whom I have subcontracted the job of monitoring the Washington Post - sent this link *regarding the Undead Trade Talks. The money quote:

The United States is prepared to do more to cut domestic farm subsidies, but needs a signal from the European Union and advanced developing countries that they will cut tariffs deeply enough to generate new trade flows, Schwab said.

"President Bush has indicated the U.S. will be more flexible on domestic support when we see more flexibility on market access from our trading partners," Schwab said.

The flexibility to which she refers derives from your LDP account, comrades.

Then again, it may be all over, after all.

(I love this topic - this could go on for years!)

* The old WP is free but requires registration - which has been OK for me, unless they are the bozos selling my address to the Viagra spammers.

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