Sunday, July 02, 2006

Wait - the WTO is slightly less dead!!...

The WTO answer to Superman, Pascal Lamy has been given the task of brokering a deal to salvage the Doha Round.
After cutting short a planned three days of negotiations by a day because of the continuing deadlock, the 149-state WTO asked Lamy to act as "catalyst" for the pact, shuttling between capitals and working the phones in an attempt to bridge the still yawning gaps between countries.
This time for sure...

Actually I am mildly optimistic, simply because I am on public record as having advised US producers to "put a fork in it". The way 2006 is shaping up for me, this would be simply another 180° near-miss.

Still, I'd pay money to see some French guy try to persuade Thad Cochran to lower cotton subsidies.

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