Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Do not adjust your set...

I'm having some bizarre and seemingly unrelated computer glitches on my desktop unit. This is a great thing because I have been wanting to upgrade to Microsoft Vista anyway, and most advice is to do a clean install.

Well, no way am I wiping my hard drive and trusting to a reload. No, I think the safest possible path is to get a whole new computer which is faster and shinier. Following a long pattern, this new machine is way more computer for way less money.

Plus I can give you a farmer-user report of the new operating system.

Posts could be erratic, although my faithful laptop will be with me throughout a trip to Spokane, WA. to speak. (Why is the airport code for Spokane "GEG"?) And I have plenty of dead travel time.

So as I explained to Jan, I'm buying this computer for you guys, not myself...


cyfarm said...

Can you tell us the make, model, specs, etc of your new laptop?


John Phipps said...

Well, since you asked. (I'm getting a desktop, and keeping my laptop)

Dell XPS 210 (It is much smaller than most towers - an issue for my office space)
Intel E6400 Processor (2MB L2 Cache, 2.13 Ghz, 1066 FSB)
2 GB memory (always buy more than you think)
20" Ulrasharp Widescreen Digital Flat Panel (my eyes are not getting better)
256 ATI Radeon X3100 Pro video (even though I don't game, I like good video cards)
250 GB HD (way too big for me, but the smallest choice)
13 in 1 media reader
24X CD-RW/DVD drive (actually slower than what I have now but not very important other than burning choir cd's)
30 watt 2.1 speakers w/subwoofer (I don't need surround sound)
Vista Home Premium (the minimum you should get)

I'll let you know what I think.