Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Early to bed, early to rise - it's in the genes?...

There are people whose body clocks are stuck in another time zone seemingly. They are pooped at 7 pm. and wide awake at 4 am. While I'm learning to manage the wide-awake part (I think I'm sleeping faster), these folks are simply wired differently. By studying them, scientists hope to unravel secrets of our internal timers.
The result, published in Cell1, should have implications for those trying to manipulate the body-clock system, perhaps even with a simple pill. Such treatments could be used for many disorders, from serious sleep problems to simple jetlag. [More]

This may seem like a minor problem to devote research on, but it indicates to me how rich is the stream genetic research results. Which in turn adds to my confidence that corn researchers can increase the slope of the yield curve.

We're gonna need bigger trucks and even more bins, I bet.

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