Friday, January 12, 2007

Where little green men really came from...

A really disappointing explanation of how this phrase entered popular usage.
About an hour after Taylor reported his “flying saucer” sighting, a barking dog attracted him and “Lucky” Sutton outside. Spotting a creature, they darted into the house for a .22 rifle and shotgun, thus beginning a series of encounters that spanned the next three hours. Sometimes, the men fired at a scary face that appeared at a window; sometimes, they went outside, whereupon, on one occasion, Taylor’s hair was grabbed by a huge, clawlike hand. Once, the pair shot at a little creature that was on the roof and at another “in a nearby tree” that then “floated” to the ground. Either the creatures were impervious to gun blasts or the men’s aim was poor, since no creature was killed.

Luckily, aliens are apparently trying to land at O'Hare now.

Good luck with that! They may get in, but they'll never take off again.

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Les Odgers said...

So many people don't understand illusions. I was a military pilot for 6 years and even many of them can be easily fooled. Most because they didn't pay attention to things like the coriolis effect, etc, etc.