Monday, January 15, 2007

Who worships where...

The revival of religion has surprised many jaded world observers. But often we are not sure who's on first. Behold this handy map:

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The most fascinating aspect of this article could be the predictions for future church membership. I had no idea of the powerful results of Pentecostal missions in Africa, for instance.
This ascent of Africa is due primarily to Christian missionaries. Pentecostal Protestants, who place greater emphasis on revivalism and ecstatic religious experience - like speaking in tongues - than on theology, have proved particularly successful. In South Korea and Latin America, Pentecostal Protestants have lured many millions of worshippers away from the Catholic Church, especially in Brazil. [More]

Anyhoo, as we tend to forget here in the USA there are a lot of people out there who believe much differently but equally strongly on matters of faith as we do.


Anonymous said...

There are a lot of us that worship different from some main stream people here in the states. We are a lot like the African people with signs and wonders that Jesus proclaimed.

John Phipps said...

Thanks for the comment. I consider myself mildly well informed but the immense influence of such movements in Africa was a blindsider.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not passing judgment in any way. Heck I'm a Methodist and we tend to have pretty open minds.

It makes me wonder just where the heck the mainstream is located today.