Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It's not just for popcorn...

For all of you guys out there who think "cooking" means nuking something in a microwave oven, a heads-up. Your oven can also make kitchen sponges more sanitary.

They then zapped the cleaning equipment in a microwave for varying lengths of time.

After two minutes on full power, 99% of bacteria were inactivated.

And E. coli bacteria were killed after just 30 seconds. [More]

BIG, BIG Update: Make sure the sponge is wet!!

But wait - there's even more important news about this miracle appliance.

Using only cheap, readily-available equipment, you can create a spectacular lightshow in the comfort of your very own kitchen, providing hours of fun and excitement for your family, friends, and pets!

Ordinary grapes, when properly prepared and microwaved, spark impressively in an extremely entertaining manner. [More]

This example of meaningful science in action, not to mention culinary entertainment, is probably best done when your wife is gone.

Then use a sterile sponge to clean up!

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