Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Check it out on your vacation to Washington DC...

If you visit our capital this summer, take some time to at drive by the Dept. of Agriculture building. It is an enormous edifice and offers a hint of the massive bureaucracy that is sustained by our complex farm policy.

Then consider this idea to umm, downsize this behemoth.
The table shows that these reforms would eliminate 90 percent of the USDA’s budget, saving federal taxpayers $80 billion annually, or about $696 per U.S. household. Under the proposal, the USDA would retain responsibility for animal and plant health inspections, food safety, grain and packing inspections, and conservation activities.

[Click on for larger image]

I know, I know.

Still, it's a thought.


Bill Harshaw said...

You missed a bet--if my eyes don't deceive me that's the USDA administration building. Behind the photographer is the even bigger, but plainer, South building which covers two city blocks. Supposedly (may be urban legend) it was the biggest office building in the federal government until the Pentagon was built. (And there's more buildings elsewhere. :-) )

John Phipps said...

Good catch, Bill. I googled "USDA building" and just picked an image. I remember seeing the USDA building in person about 5 years ago and my jaw dropped.

Score one for your side.