Wednesday, June 27, 2007

iPods hurt corn farmers...

The entertainment industry is getting hysterical in its push to prevent video file-sharing (and outright piracy). In a breathtaking overreach, NBC is alleging video piracy hurts me out here on the farm, since fewer people will be going to the theater and won't be eating 5-gallon tubs of popcorn.

We can all have a good snicker, but obviously some copywriter considers the American farmer the perfect pathetic victim poster-boy, like handicapped children or baby animals.

Wonder how they get such ideas?

And I wonder if any other farmers have wearied of hiding behind an public image of genial incompetence.

[Thanks, Rodger]


Anonymous said...

Gee John,
If you have a "good Snicker" you won't need the popcorn.


John Phipps said...


Ah - the Pun, the last refuge of the closet intellectual - raises its ugly head.

Thanks for reading.