Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The sausage recipe...

Interesting commentary on how the farm bill process might develop.
“So this is a huge deal. If Pelosi blocks amendments on the bill, it is very possible that reforms suppported by the majority of the House will not be in the House version of the farm bill because votes will never be allowed. This would be a subversion of democracy- one committee being allowed to write an enormously important piece of legislation without regard to the desires of the rest of the House. In effect, this means that the citizens represented by Ag Committee members will get to write the farm bill- and to hell with everyone else.

“Let me go further. If Pelosi blocks amendments on the 2007 farm bill that are supported by a majority of the House, that would be a clear message that the change in leadership in the House means nothing at all; that the Democratic leadership intends to run the House in the same top-down corporate fashion as its predecessors.” [More good political analysis]
As I have said before, Pres. Bush (remember him?) is still a wild card, and could actually be a powerful reformer ally - regardless of whose side of the aisle they are on. The question is would reformers vote to sustain a veto?

With Rep. Peterson apparently aiming for equal dissatisfaction as a goal, the mechanism seems to be in place for achieving this lofty ambition.

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