Sunday, June 24, 2007

Missing in action...

The blogging has been slow for two reasons. First, our mini-drought. We have been pretending to grow corn and beans for a bout three months with a few tenths of rain. While things never looked very bad, I have taught myself the unfortunate habit of imagining really credible scenarios of doom and despair. Creativity does not come easy with those brain chemicals washing around your head.

Second, as we finally got relief (1.8" over the last few days), it came at a price - about $600 so far. Lightning stuck a power pole about 300' from our house and zapped our satellite TV and water pump. Nothing like no water to rearrange your work schedule.

Finally, I will be presenting to an ag leadership group from the IA Farm Bureau on Monday. These are superb programs (If you are in IA and are interested I can give you a contact- drop me an e-mail) and I keep revising the presentation so it's more up-to-date. At some point this afternoon, I gotta put a fork in it and call it done.

How's that for excuse-making? I haven't been married for 36 years for nothing.

Posting (and replies) should accelerate presently. Thanks for all your great comments.

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