Saturday, June 09, 2007

No wonder she was crying...

Observers close to the action at Paris Hilton's court appearance were struck by her tearful denunciation of the action of the House Subcommittee on Specialty crops ignoring calls for reform to farm payments.
The draft also reauthorizes the peanut program, including an extension of the 2002 Farm Bill's direct and counter-cyclical payment and loan provisions for peanut farmers. The loan rate would be increased from $355 per ton to $375 per ton and payments acres would be lowered from 85% of base acres to 74%.

The Subcommittee voted to extend the current sugar program until 2012, requiring the USDA Secretary to continue to operate the program at no cost to the federal government by avoiding forfeitures of sugar. [More]

(Well, they were pretty sure that was what she was wailing about.)

I shed a tear as well.

Given this development, the Pelosi position suddenly becomes more interesting.

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