Monday, July 07, 2008

I don't duvets...

I made it to Poland via a planeful of tourists and children and despite the best offorts of O'Hare airport.  The first day coming across is always weird, but I made it to evening without crashing (barely) and seem to be functioning within normal parameters.

Until I saw the markets, and found oout we has another 2"+ of rain.

I admire many things European, but one I do not is the popularity of duvets (pronounced "du" as in "doofus", and "vet" as in "no vay, Jose") instead of honest, Christian covers on beds.  In this I am not alone, nor the first.
"There is one thing very particular to them, that they do not cover themselves with bed-cloaths, but lay one feather-bed over, and another under. This is comfortable enough in winter, but how they can bear their feather-beds over them in summer, as is generally practised, I cannot conceive." — Thomas Nugent, The Grand Tour 1749, vol II. p. 66 [More]

It's like having a car with two speeds, 15 and 95 mph.  So I have developed a system of alternately spending sleep too cool and too warm.  The night just flies by...

More anon.  Meanwhile, somebody take charge over there in the grain pits, willya?

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threecollie said...

Thank you for my laugh of the day!