Friday, July 04, 2008

One more for the collection...

[My Independence Day post from last year]

The Stars and Stripes. And Stars. And Stripes. Forever...

For men.

For a choir with one honkin' great soprano.

For girls on tromobones.

For guitar.

For organ.

For piano. (Nobody messes with Horowitz. Un-freakin'-believable!) [Update - I've listened to this several times now. The only possible explanation is he grows an extra hand halfway through]

And now add this version:

Happy Independence Day!

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Ol James said...

And a Happy Fourth of July to you and yours Mr. John!!
I did a bit of searching on Mr. Horowitz and found a few of his videos. There is one at his house and he plays a snippet of the song. I found this video that will give you some insight as to the difficulty of this song on piano..

The girls should be sponsored by Chap Stick. Hard to beat Mr. Atkins and the Muppets...well..
Enjoy and yall be Safe.