Thursday, July 24, 2008

Market 155, Elwynn 148...

Just a quick note to demonstrate how we hear what we want to after we have made a decision (consciously or not).  At the Top Farmer Crop Workshop, I followed the omnipresent Elwynn Taylor who stood firm in his prediction the most probable yield was around 148 for corn.  He based this on the pattern of degree days, along with other factors.

He also pointed out if we do have a good crop it is likely to be wet.  One more cool week and he's gonna make us forget the 800-year drought record he has been flogging for 3 years just was broken.

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Anonymous said...

I like Elwynn alot and follow his
comments, but he sure forgot to mention he has been calling for drought. I was at the Top Crop workshop too, and he has changed tunes so to speak. Enjoyed your presentation as usual..