Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The posting problem...

I may not have much time to post until this weekend, as Jan and I are slaving away at a resort in Puerto Vallarta for Pioneer, where I am am to speak tomorrow.

Here I am hard at work for all you faithful readers:

and the Motel 8 we're staying at.

I never realized tequila was such an all-purpose condiment.  Anyhoo, some pretty interesting discussions with growers that I will share when I am freezing my whatever off back in IL.

Anything going on in the markets?

[Fascinating Fact: You can be on the Pacific Ocean and still be on IL (CST) time if you go far enough south.]  


Jim said...

Must be nice! Good to know that Pioneer has the resouces to fund the fun. Kinda like AIG? When does Ag come to the money bag for help in the stimulus.
Are they flying by the seat of the pants, with blinders on.
Low corn, low beans, dairy @ 9.50.
You are fools to pay Pioneer that kind of money for next years plant.

Anonymous said...

Wow those make-up people on US Farm Report are good !

John Phipps said...


Point taken, but just like putting tile in on farms I don't own, I think Pioneer is investing very long term here.

BTW, I got my non-GMO corn for $145 and I can live with that and then premium.

We're all struggling with a weird market and doing the best we can on sales and inputs, but Pioneer has been solid for me and I don't mind paying for what I get.


That's my good side, too.

Ol James said...

There's a face that only a mother and loving wife could put up with. Mz Jan is a heck of a woman!! Like me you married up didn't ya.
It may not have much to do with the markets...there's a lot of chatter on the AgWeb site about switching to GMO cotton and wheat. Cost vs. Quality.
Yall have a Great time now! You'd think a big outfit like Pioneer could put you up in a bit better digs, oh wait!! They didn't get none of that bailout money did they??