Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tackling the deficit (II)...

Take foreign aid...please.  At the top of most budget cutters' list is foreign aid, since well, it goes to foreigners.  When times are tough, take care of your own...or yourself, as it might be better put.

That oughta help the deficit!

Umm, not so much.

If you are having trouble reading it (click on it to embiggen), here's a summary in round $B:

Total aid               $42B
Military                 $13B
Non-military          $29
USDA aid               $2
First, good luck cutting "military" anything.  We're at war(s), remember.

Second, all you farmers who want stuff like PL480 aid cut, raise your hands.  Ahem.

Finally, at about $29B, compared to farm programs at about $20B, the same argument of "it's too small to help" could conceivable apply to foreign aid the same way we use it for farm programs.

Bottom line, we can add foreign aid to the eradication list to fix the budget, but are still not addressing the real problemTalking about it as a real savings reveals a lamentable lack of understanding of the problem.

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