Thursday, June 09, 2011

Hand me the stake...

And I'll pound it through the vile heart of this planting debacle. We're almost done replanting beans.

We think.

Many neighbors are struggling to finish the first planting as well. (Both corn and beans)

Meanwhile, I've been fixing tile holes and breaks (mostly from the tile plow on old lines). Funny how the more tile you install the more maintenance they require.

And the 96℉ weather takes a bigger toll that I think at the time. So posting is really slow.


Anonymous said...

John, extreme south west Ontario got a break in rain and moist started planting last Saturday. Surprising how much corn still went in and how fast a crop can be planted, most guys will finish on the weekend. Ground is tough, wet spots,dry spots,hard spots and soft spots.Not conducive too a bumper crop.But then we don't expect good crops every year here. regards-kevin

Anonymous said...

I don't think one is ever done tiling. The worst spots just seem to move.

Ron Swanson

Anonymous said...

Finished beans ourselves yesterday here in eastern ontario. Not very offten we finish at the same time as our Illinois and Indiana farmer friends. Cheers Bruce