Monday, June 06, 2011

Hat's off, gentlemen...

A genius.  I have been reading Tyler Cowen's magnificent blog, Marginal Revolution, for several years thanks to a former reader. While I do not agree with all his conclusions, and I struggle to follow his mercurial intellect, I find his outpouring of opinion enlightning and strangely down to earth (as in dirt, in our profession).

I have posted before about his wildly popular e-book, The Great Stagnation, and found this succinct summary very helpful in fixing his hypothesis in my mind.

Minds like his are gifts to all of us. And the Internet and his prolific blogging helps to maximize the value of that gift.


Jim said...

Could not agree more. Not Dem. or Rep. Good Speach!

Anonymous said...

Maybe we just have enough cool(complicated) stuff. I wish some were educated more and a cure for Cancer would be huge. Do we really need a faster plane or flying car? Eliminating the world of terrorism and next to free energy would bring greater utility than a self cleaning toilet. When we learn how to burn water....... Free bubble up and rainbow stew (Merle Haggard Song)