Sunday, June 19, 2011

How high's the water?...

I know it is just coincidence at this point, but it is hard for Aaron and I not to find ourselves constantly bracing for large rains when each week seems to feature news like this:

This is not a climate change told-you-so. One year doth not a climate make. But after 4 years of considerable replanting and harvesting issues due to wet weather, we're taking a hint as to which way to bet. 

And if we're wrong and drought resistant corn is the next Best Thing, we'll own up. But I'm thinking biotech won't be delivering us the answers we need (like corn that can stand 96 hours underwater), just the answers they have.

My tiling contractor just told me he no longer bids any jobs except complete systems. Maybe we're not the only ones tired of this weather twist.

OK, all this is a pile of anecdotes, but by the time good data is carefully analyzed it won't be much economic use.

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