Saturday, February 16, 2013

After all my bad-mouthing...  

Apple Maps comes up with a cool view of my farm.

If you have anything with iOS6 (iPhone, iPad, etc.) and have upgraded to iOS6 enter my address:

23957 N 2100th. St.
Chrisman, IL 61924

Then select "Satellite" view.  

If you magnify down you can see my house, our farm to the NNE about 1/2 mi. and our combine in the field cutting beans just east of the house.  At the north end of the field is the grain cart half-full, with me likely sleeping in it. The date was September (?) 2011.  The weird patchwork to the east of the combine is a Pioneer Impact plot. The pattern in the field to the north was down corn from a wind in August.

I would have waved had I known...

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the planter had a few issues on the west side of the field you are harvesting.