Monday, March 03, 2008

Other promises to keep...

I will be getting back up to speed today with my blogging. This weekend we moved my son's family back home. Thanks to all the folks who have been following our succession story (more here, here , and here) in TP and chatting with me at speaking appearances.

Speaking of which, maybe I will see some of you at Mt. Pleasant, MI tomorrow at the Michigan Ag Conference.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on having a son come back to the farm. Hope you have many years of farming together, then you can eventually ride off into the sunset while the family farms goes on.

John Phipps said...


Thanks. Like many others, Aaron and I are starting a grand adventure. The best part for me is I'm pretty sure he will leave me in the dust.

I'll be blogging about this first year. That oughta be good.

Anonymous said...

When I returned to the farm 20 years ago from my big city job in St louis some old farmer told my dad it was the ultimate compliment. Turned out to be a good move for all.