Saturday, November 15, 2008

Here's the deal...

Aaron's house is just about finished and we're trying to move them in. We have 100 acres of corn in the field, fall tillage about 60%, no NH3 on, and my come-to-Jesus meeting with the bank soon. I also start speaking the first week in December (ND, IA).

Something's gotta give.  

There are a million things I have stumbled across I want to post, but this addiction needs intervention until Aaron is settled, at least and the corn is in the bin.  So any posts I can get up will be the exception.

However, this winter, with a real full-time farmer around here, I will be glued to the computer, living the shallow, artificial existence I've always dreamed of.  (I'm toying with being hard-wired straight to the microprocessor, if it doesn't hurt too much)

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Anonymous said...

we are studing a book in sunday school right now-"Making Room for Life" by Randy Frazze--
i am trying to make use of some of it in my own dairy farming -crop farming--organization addicted life