Monday, November 24, 2008

Tell me when it hurts...

In all the talk about bailouts, it has suddenly hit me that the phrase, "taxpayer money" or even more commonly "taxpayer's hard-earned money" really doesn't mean squat.  It's not like the money for Citigroup or GM or whoever is billed to me.  In fact, it looks like the stimulus package will probably lower my taxes.
Mr. Obama's team is putting together a new economic stimulus plan containing more than $500 billion in federal spending and tax cuts over the next two years, Obama aides and advisers said Sunday. That package would be far more aggressive than anything envisioned during the campaign. [More]
Lookit, our government is going to hand out trillions and how exactly will it cost me?  I realize our federal debt is going to balloon ot even more preposterous levels, but there has been zero effort in my lifetime - save that one shining moment in the late '90s - when anyone took the debt seriously.  Nattering about my taxpayer money as if they really took some of my money, instead of some poor guy who is in diapers right now is self-serving, to say the least.

It's not people like me who will be hosed.  The folks who lose jobs will feel real pain, and there could be many more of them than we now think as states start to go broke and (gasp!) layoff government workers along with the private sector.

But real, live taxpayer pain?  Puleeze.  Not for several more years, I'll bet.

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