Thursday, November 06, 2008

No depth at all...

I have pondered all day today what I should post about the election. But I have learned my logic is highly affected by my emotional state at the time, regardless of how rational I think I am being.  This is, of course a feature of our brains.

So any insights or opinions would likely be highly skewed by my desire to finish harvest.  And my granddaughter's hospitalization (not serious, but hassling).  And our effort to finish Aaron's house in time for Thanksgiving. And the growing concern over the farm economy for 2009.

And oddly, by my last Christmas as a choirmaster.  While it is a relief to step down, this is the time now to be pushing the effort on the new music, and I barely can concentrate.  More importantly, those scattered hours of singing always made the cold and dark of November a little more bearable.

Important things are happening all around us right now.  Maybe they always are. But when I catch my breath perhaps I can describe better what I think they mean.

But I have learned one thing from 2008: more things are possible than we have ever imagined.


Anonymous said...

Your post made me think, funny how we got all wrapped up in the election, and disappointment over the loss- from my perspective, and yet the next day nothing chaged. My Son went to daycare, Wife and I to work. I think John, you make a valid observation, nothing on a large scale matters until we have those things right in front of us in order. I cannot worry about the economy until my Son and I are done playing, or my Wife gets the dishes done, or that stack of work on my desk is settled. Its not just politics are local, life is local.

Anonymous said...

john , again you have hit a home run with your thinking........just finished harvest and a week of beautiful weather and now it is raining,cold and can't rest or relax because of thinking too much about economy , kids and stuff that is not even important...hopefully a couple of days rest and things will be back too normal(whatever that is)...thanks for sharing your thoughts -- kevin