Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's why I get up in the morning...

Breakfast.  It's not just a meal, it's a celebration that you have made it through another night.  And nothing makes breakfast more special than an egg.
It is time to talk about breakfast. Some of you may not eat breakfast regularly. This is insane, and reflects poorly on you. If you are currently filling out one of those working-in-the-Obama-administration forms, you should consider writing down “I skip breakfast” in the section that asks for embarrassing secrets.
Look, if breakfast was ONLY the most important meal of the day then fine, whatever, skip it. I skip lots of so-called “important” things all the time, like flossing and paying my cell phone bill and taking my keys out of the lock of the front door (just kidding, thieves!) and I’m still mostly fine. But here’s the thing: breakfast is also the most DELICIOUS meal of the day.
Why? Eggs is why. Eggs are the most magical of foods: they can be a binder, a cake ingredient, a protein to mix into salads, OR a delicious goopy yolky mess. It is in this last role that they reach their eggy apotheosis. There is NO REASON why you can’t have an egg for breakfast every single morning. Me, I prefer my daily egg in breakfast sandwich form. You might think that a breakfast sandwich is too time-consuming for a weekday breakfast, but you would be wrong! The trick is to do everything in exactly the right order. Once you get the process down, it resembles nothing more than an elegant ballet whose graceful finale is a breakfast sandwich. [More - with a fantastic, almost  engineer-quality method of preparing a great egg sandwich]
As I write, I am awaiting supper, so perhaps my perspective is skewed toward food.  But I deeply adore eggs.  Cook 'em any way you want.

Besides nothing says romance and/or congratulations like champagne and omelets.

Did I mention we finally finished harvest?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing harvest!!! Isn't it a warm feeling?

Anonymous said...

john,,now still waiting for your new combine review...thinking we may have too go too red...........kevin