Monday, September 07, 2009

Apples to apples...

Much has been made of the comparisons to health cares costs and outcomes in the US as compared to other systems in Europe.

Luckily, there is a way to make your own tests.   For example, for men dying of all causes we can assemble this summary graph comparing the US and EU.

[Note: the number is in MicroMorts, which are the number who would die in the next year PER MILLION]

United States1705781,3381,8493,7137,80918,65343,519117,211


If you take the time to input your particulars, you get some valid benchmarks to decide if the very high relative price we pay for health care yields the benefits some think.

My take: the US is great for geezers like me who have (or will soon) "socialized medicine" (Medicare), but not such a bargain for you young folks.

Maybe you kids should vote.

Hint: please do utilize the excellent tutorial.


Anonymous said...


It kinda makes you wonder why the reform ideas on the table shift even more of the cost of health care on the young. Whether the individual mandate, community rating, or caps on the diff. of premiums between young and old, all of these will shift more health care costs on the low-earning years of the young. My own HSA will be toast as well, which is sad since I this has made me a better healthcare consumer.


Andy Miller

John Phipps said...


I'm not sure current policies will all go away. My read is they may be less expensive as the cost of the uninsured shifts to the government.

The costs will eventually be borne more by income taxes, which will shift much of it to those who make the most, due their progressive nature. It will also be felt by those who borrow as higher interest rates.