Wednesday, September 09, 2009

So the competition begins...

Before I can even get my bin finished, the cries of "First!" are starting.

And of course it's 6X bigger, too.

BTW, I checked and the camera is working, but today was a lot of messing with the roof and roof auger - not impressive.
[Update:  I realize it was not clear that the above is NOT our bin - it's Keith's.  He kindly forwarded his video.  Our bin in about half done as I write - I'll post the pics next week probably]

Further pondering: When did I get so inflexible?...

[Thanks, Keith]

1 comment:

don said...

Congratulations! Nice looking bin. How many bu.? And where is the elevator leg to fill it? Went up lots faster than my first in '62. A Trulock bin. The kids were under the shade of an apple tree putting the neopreme washers on the bolts.