Monday, September 07, 2009

Low hog prices...

Mean bacon is a bargain.
So to celebrate the endless survival of bacon, I’ve compiled this handy chart of 100 Ways to Use a Strip of Bacon. From bacon apple pie to bacon guacamole, bacon pickles, bacon marshmallows, and yes, even bacon-wrapped tofu, here are the 100 most glorious ways to enjoy god’s greatest gift to tastebuds.  [More]
One of the 100:

[For those who are brave enough, the recipe for Caramel Dipped Bacon Fudge]

I think my cholesterol just shot up 50 points.


Anonymous said...

interesting that farm price of pork is about 60% of last year at this time and retail is up 3% YTD-regards-kevin

Anonymous said...

bacon just isn't the staple it used to be is it?

Anonymous said...

Our family farm finally closed our hog buildings a year ago after a half century of raising hogs. Could not justify the expense of new buildings. But I just bought some bacon last week to flavor a dish. Still tastes good!