Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Where will the grain go...

We're building a bin right now on the farm(With adult supervision, never fear) It's why I'm too pooped to post.  I haven't used some of these muscles for...ever?  On-farm storage is part of our policy of how we will handle more bushels of stuff without being at the mercy of overloaded elevators, and secondarily a wistful hope of some carry in the market.

As these seriously lovely days of early autumn drift by and I am surrounded by dilatory and unnaturally green crops,  it hard not to wonder exactly how all the wet sheaves will be gathered in, and by what date.  Good thing I'm busy or I'd be panicking.

BTW, I am recording the construction on Jan's Mother's Day gift.  If it works out, I'll try to post the stop-action video.  [There is nothing wrong with giving a gift you would like to borrow, if your heart is pure.]


Anonymous said...

cool gift. store the corn, sell the beans. good luck this fall.

Anonymous said...

John,,with crops being green that should be a good thing right-global warming non-event,,slow maturity good fill and did we not up until a few years ago always harvest corn around 25% and actually put it through a real dryer...the years when we start harvesting beans and corn in first week of sept. have not been financially happy ones--how about posting some crop and bin building pics??regards-kevin