Monday, March 28, 2011

Plumbing note...

We replaced our household toilets with 1.6 gallons/flush models (they will all be 1.3 gpf soon) this spring due to worries about our well. Some observations:
  • I was concerned our old DWV system would not handle the lower volume efficiently. Turned out to be just fine.
  • The flush mechanism is whole 'nother model from the flapper-and-float workings of yore.
  • Many of the new models are "chair height". The jury is still out, IMHO.
  • The new fixtures came with "slam-proof" seats and lids. If you have a 7-year old grandson, it's the biggest benefit of all.
Thought you'd want to know.

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buffalobill said...

Oh Yeah, you will like those chair height stools. Or at least you will when you get older. Perhaps DIY plumbing will be a thing of the past? I have noticed that those stools are complex. Repairable for a DIY er, but not the same. Are you still sane after your Remodeling? Married? Speaking? :-)