Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Deep contemplation, loud background noise...

Mowed roadsides this afternoon. Funny, I used to hate it but lately putting on the earmuffs (I mow with an open CIH 695) and plodding down ditches seems almost relaxing. It always makes the beans look better - or at least taller.

This is going to be one late crop for me - compared to the last few years. I am slightly more optimistic about my corn, but the reports seem to be coming in mostly from drought damaged fields so far. Hard to make an estimate from those.

I wonder if the day ever comes when you don't get slightly apprehensive about yields in September.

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1029barn said...


I cut my roadside with my lawnmower and weedwacker yesterday. It's kinda rough walking on the side of the steep cut with the weedwacker, but the traffic makes it exciting!

My gardens of blackeyed peas and snap beans were great in July. My second crops were devistated by the deer. The drought got to them, so they came and ate my gardens.