Thursday, September 21, 2006

Seriously, though...

Everybody's a comedian now. In fact, being funny is an important part of modern business culture [great video!]. The larger question is why?
Another possible contributor is television and the fact that we mimic what we watch. There is more comedy being broadcast today than ever before, thanks to the full flowering of the Seinfeld effect (everyday existence is funny) and the comedic explosion inspired by the show. An endless array of cable offerings now besiege the populace daily with comedy in the form of hackneyed sitcoms (both rerun and original content), predictable stand-up routines, and clich├ęd cultural commentators in love with decades of the late 20th century. "So what?" you might say. "People are experiencing more comedy. It beats a kick in the teeth." But just as reality television blurs the line between entertainment and actual life, this avalanche of televised humor may be giving the viewing public the misguided idea that comedy is easy. [More]

Humor may be overrated, but it could just be that we are trying too hard.

Take my wife...oh, never mind.

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Annette said...

Nice blog, I know what you mean about trying to hard. Theres articles like this: which claims you can practice be funny, but I don't know..

I think its one those things ypur just born with..