Sunday, September 10, 2006

News: Weekend miscellania
  • Castro is still alive, and so apparently is one of the largest private farms in Cuba in Cuba. Seems the owners helped out Fidel in the early days and thus avoided being collectived.
  • Just like in the US, wind farms are meeting with some backdraft. In Scotland, Ike's windfarm is the target of environmentalists who predictably, think turbines will ruin the view. I didn't know Pres. Eisenhower had a Scottish getaway.
  • This is what worries me about all the excitement over horticultural crops. A considerable macadamia surplus is depressing prices and growers in Hawaii. It looks like the same scenario - cheap imports from Australia and East Asia.
  • We're not the only ones who think organic production may lift poor farmers. Should the organic market become a significant sector, cheap labor could overcome transportation costs to give US organic growers a stiff challenge. While industrial producers can use technology to compete, organic producers will bein more of a bind.
"We have started exports of organic pepper, ginger and turmeric produced in Wayanad in tie-up with exporters of organic produce. So far 350 farmers have been certified for organic produce and are marketing their products through groups like Pyramid," the official said.

"The result is our organic produce like coffee and tea are reaping better profits through exports to the Middle East in particular. We are now encouraging expansion of organic farming to cover banana, cashew, cocoa, mango among others," Chandran said.
  • Good to see home grown American crop circles right here in the Midwest on Ohio farms . Of course ours are made with monster trucks and lack the umm, elegance of British field art, but at least our yahoos are trying.

Compare to the crop circles of the UK. Can't beat that Old World craftsmanship!

Of course maybe we are just being visited by less artistic aliens.

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