Friday, September 08, 2006

TV on my terms...

A frequent complaint from viewers of USFR is the "somewhat early" viewing time on their local station. I usually recommend three things:
  1. Call their local station and share their opinion. Amazingly just a few calls can have an impact.
  2. Watch on-line at
  3. Look into getting a TiVo

TiVo recently won a judgment against Echostar which enhances the future for the company. Although there are some business questions about TiVo, the technology benefits are now clear. And if you are a fantasy footballer (I don't get football - I'm from Illinois), TiVo has just made your season.


Anonymous said...

As a Canadian farmer in southern Ontario, I have enjoyed the opportunity to watch the complete U.S. Farm Report show on Star Choice satellite dish from KTLA. This morning we only received the last 1/2 hour.Many crop farmers in Oxford county watch your show as it gives a broader perspective on U.s. and world conditions.Is there anything we can do to receive the complete show?
Barry Smith
Burgessville, Ontario

1029barn said...


Until this week I watched your show on WTVR 6 at 0330hrs in the morning. However, they have discontinued the show in the Richmond Va. area. I took your advice and watched it online. It streams as a 300k file, which is ok. There are some times when the satellite file is slightly garbled, however, I watched it. It is necessary to watch it on Internet Explorer, because you get an error on Firefox and it won't play.

How to be funny said...

John, I also watched it online but it didn't load. I managed to find a video on youtube similar.

If you need to contact me back click here to go to my squidoo page.

Its "how to be funny" lol.

How to be funny