Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Some foodies will never be happy...

Not long ago there began a complaint about overfishing certain species. These ourcries definitely had merit, but when aquaculture began to fill the gap, suddenly that wasn't a good idea either.

Now we have an agricultural answer to the threat of depleting the parent species of caviar production - the sturgeon.
In Bulgaria, Canada, China, Israel and the middle of a desert in Abu Dhabi, fledgling caviar farmers are breaking ground on new production facilities. Marky's, a caviar distributor in Florida, is importing and breeding beluga, the finest sturgeon species, with a goal of having 500,000 fish by 2009.
If estimates are to be believed - and producers tend to be optimistic - farmed caviar production will almost double, from about 64 tons in 2005 to 125 tons in 2010. [More]
My guess is that somehow, some way this ingenious idea won't sit well either.

Look - these pristine food faddists have every right to argue for just-so food supplies.
Where I differ with them is a supporting a free market for people to express their choices.

Besides - have you ever tasted caviar? Hoo-boy, no wonder they drink a lot of vodka first.

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