Sunday, September 17, 2006

"Toxic Texan"? Whoa - that's harsh...

Word is leaking out that Pres. Bush is about to reverse course on emissions control.
Over the past few days rumours swept the capital that the "Toxic Texan" would announce his conversion this week, in an attempt to reduce the impact of a major speech tomorrow by Al Gore on solutions to climate change.
This oughta give fits to the many global warming critics who were secure in the belief that our "stay the course" President would never embrace an inconvenient truth. The possibilities for large-government conservatives to throw borrowed dollars at this alleged problem (in political toss-up states) are considerable.

Prompted no doubt by examples like AHnold in California, and reassured by evangelical environmentalism, Pres. Bush (backed by serious polling from Karl Rove, I'll bet) could very well do a flip-flop and deny ever having another position. However, the whiplash in the beaucracy of the administration will be considerable, I would think.

Of course, the big question for farmers is "Can I get a check for sequestering carbon without really doing anything?"

When presidents start working on a "legacy", all bets are off. I can imagine the Bush adminstration causing serious apoplexy among ag supporters when the farm bill debate begins, especially in Texas. If he can go green, he can veto big subsidies.

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