Wednesday, November 22, 2006

And thank You for gridlock, amen...

Perhaps the best news from the recent exercise of democracy in the US was the return to divided government. Steve Chapman in the Chicago Tribune hails the day:
Despite its traditional principles, the GOP's monopoly in Washington has merely freed Republicans to indulge the empire-building, power-lusting, overspending, control-freaking elements that all politicians harbor deep in their souls. Government outlays have swelled, government intrusions have expanded, and the only reason the 82nd Airborne no longer escorts kids to kindergarten is that the job has gotten too dangerous. [More]
For those of us in agriculture, this is great news [if you are not fond of subsidies]. Republican deficit hawks now are free to obstruct passage of budget busting spending without calls to support the GOP. And President Bush, anxious to improve his questionable legacy has no reason to sign spending-spree legislation. In fact, to reclaim the fiscal conservatives so they can be re-used in the next election cycle, he could even be more hard-line on spending.

Except for defense, of course. And tax cuts. And medicines. And ...

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1029barn said...


As your post alludes, the right hand has only handed power off to the left hand. There will be no real change and the people of this country and probably the world are worse off for it.