Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The evolution of Dutch cowgirls...

(Admit it - the title hooked you) So anyway, there were these horses in the Netherlands who got caught in a storm and were stranded on an island by rising waters, and then these Dutch girls on horses...

Oh, see for yourself.

While I am widely know as horse-indifferent, I did like the music. Like most of Europe, I was surprised when the camera zoomed out and the "island" turned out to be a small rise in a pasture about 200 yards from higher ground.

Perhaps just a little overwrought.

But is does bring up an interesting thought. The Dutch are now the tallest people on the planet. What if that is an evolutionary outcome from living in the "lowlands". I mean, the short ones would would drown as the water rises, right?


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Anonymous said...

John Wayne would of been proud.