Tuesday, November 07, 2006

This will seem funny until a note comes home from school...

If you have children in public school, there is a reasonable chance one will come home with head lice. That doesn't make you a bad parent or homemaker, just a typical one. Maybe there is some hope for battling this childhood menace.

Clayton and his colleagues tested a variety of hair dryers -- including handheld and "bonnet" models -- on 169 local children who were infested with lice. Their findings appear in the November issue of Pediatrics.

All the hair dryers killed at least 89 percent of lice eggs. But only one -- the specially designed "LouseBuster" -- managed to both kill eggs (98 percent) and wipe out high numbers of living lice (80 percent). The remaining living lice appeared unable to breed, perhaps due to stress or sterilization, the team said. [More]

My bet is Chinese manufacturers will develop $29.99 models and will be selling them in Walmart by 2007.

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