Monday, November 20, 2006

What? Me worry?...

It may just be me, but it seems the more evidence we accumulate to substantiate anthropogenic global warming, the less we seem to care. Certainly the recent African summit evinced few signs of panic or even interest, especially by the major players.
THE United Nations conference on climate change, which closed on Friday in Nairobi, was distinguished mainly by its ineffectualness. Like many such events it had proclaimed a grand ambition: to design a more effective régime to replace the Kyoto protocol after 2012. But for all the posturing in the plenary sessions, there was no sign of urgency or radicalism in the corridors. [More]
It is almost as if winning the academic battle was THE battle. This peculiar point of view mirrors many political squabbles as well. If we can get our opponent to admit he/she is wrong, then we win - despite the fact the problem still remains.

So we spend our time parsing with a microscope press conferences and newspaper accounts for flaws and openings, but little actual effort is spent in corrective action.

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