Friday, November 17, 2006

OK - I'm not vouching for this, but...

A friend of mine sent me this questionable e-mail about finding a bear with a combine:
Subject: Combine Bear

This happened down near Decatur/Taylorville,IL. this farming season. Just
thought Id share with ya all.

My neighbor last Friday got this bear with the combine a half mile north
of me. The combine was stuck, and the den hole was 5 feet deep. The bear

was trying to dig out from under the wheel but could not get out, the DNR
told them to shoot it. It dressed out 287 pounds, and was a male.

Troy got a bear with the combine. He was combining our corn over at
Measners field and fell into a big hole. He thought it was a badger hole
until a big black paw came out. Pretty soon a head appeared. They knew
for sure it was no badger. He wasn't very happy either. He was 300

Look, I hate to propagate e-mail hoaxes, but this is a good one if it is.

But a bear in central IL??? BTW, anybody know these guys?

300-pound raccoon I could believe.

[Thanks, Karen]


Anonymous said...

I read about this a few weeks ago, only it supposedly happend in N. Wisconsin. But I can't find the story now for anything.

John Phipps said...

I was afraid of this. Maybe somebody will be able to track it down. I'll do some sleuthing of my own.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

These farmers and the infamous bear really get around - the email I received said it happened in Washburn IL

John Phipps said...

Now that I think of it it was here on my farm. Probably.

Yes, yes, I'm sure it was me and the bear.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it...

Anonymous said...

If you research Flora,IL you will see there was a man attacked by a Black Bear in the spring of this year, the bear was in captivity, with another bear, the male bear attacked the man and was put down. They were in a type of small zoo.