Monday, November 13, 2006

Send him a seed corn jacket...

In announcing progress for the Iranian nuclear program Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was clad in his now-traditional windbreaker. I have noticed this sartorial statement for months and have thought he was hoping to have it catch on fashion-wise, presumably like Mao jackets.

I'm not the only one who is curious. In an interview with NBC's Brian Williams, the anchorman inexplicably asked about the clothing selection:
Williams: Mr. President, this is not a matter of great concern, this next question, but we have gotten used to seeing you in the tan jacket with the zipper. Today, you are dressed differently. Is that jacket a symbol of your standing or upbringing in Iran?

Ahmadinejad: No. It depends on which one I'm more comfortable wearing. And it of course depends on my colleagues and friends, too. I knew that you were going to wear a suit, so I decided to wear this jacket.

What was that about? While I'm just a small-potatoes blogger, Williams is pretty heavy journalism in a $2000 suit - and he asked the guy who wants to exterminate Israel about his jacket??? "Mr. Stalin, I notice you're wearing pleated pants..."

Taking a page from the anti-Tammy Duckworth campaign dirty tricks book, if I were a seed corn dealer, I'd send him a jacket from the competition.

Or maybe a Cardinals warmup.

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